About Us

So Whats Up With BMXAction.com


First, we have to say that we are Not affiliated with the original publishers of BMX Action Magazine from back in the day. BMX Action Magazine was launched in the late 70’s by Bob Osborn. BMXA was the industry standard thru the late 70’s and 80’s. In November 1989 BMX Action was merged with Freestylin’ Magazine, to become a new title – Go: The Riders Manual.

Go was radically different from BMX Action, a bold market experiment that crashed and burned in the spring on 1992, after over a little over 2 years on the newsstands.. It was the end of an era, and the end of Bob Osborn’s ventures in BMX.

Our Story

Flash forward to summer 2017. BMXAction.com is launched! Our goal is to promote the sport of BMX, racing, park and street, freestyle, anything related to BMX. We want to bring back the magic and the fun, the integrity. We are here for YOU, the BMX fan. Were gonna tell it like it is, not pull any punches!

So sit back and enjoy the ride! BMX Action is here to protect and serve! Don for get to check us out on social media @realbmxaction !